Brandywine Summit Camp Meeting is governed by a Board of nine trustees, elected by the cottage owners. The Board is responsible for setting the rules and regulations, as well as legal and financial oversight of the camp meeting. Specific activities are largely handled through several committees, such as Grounds, Finance, and Program, which are made up of cottage owners and are accountable to the board. The Auxiliary, formed in 1909, provides significant assistance to the camp meeting and its day-to-day operations through both financial contributions and service work

Board of Trustees (with terms of office)

President: Jim Pierson-Perry2014 - 2016
Vice-President: Bruce Cooke2014 - 2016
Treasurer:Margaret Crozier2015 - 2017
Financial Secretary: Betty Purchase2015 - 2017
Secretary: Janine Phillips2016 - 2017
Trustee: Chuck Kieffer2016 - 2018
Trustee: Ted Oyler2014 - 2016
Trustee: Ram Subramanian2016 - 2018
Trustee: Margaret Palmatary2015 - 2017

Standing Committees and Chairpersons

Program / Publicity: Chuck Kieffer
Grounds: Margaret Palmatary
Finance: Betty Purchase
Cottage Sales/Rentals: Bruce Cooke

Auxiliary (starting in Jan 2016)

President: Gail Cooke
Vice-President: June Oyler
Treasurer: Lori Policastro
Corresp0nding Secretary: Jackie Barycki
Financial Secretary: Marisela Cruz
Recording Secretary: Betty Purchase